Major works for sale

Next week, Sotheby’s New York will celebrate “Masters Week”, with several auctions.

Three major works stand out:

Sandro Botticelli “Portrait of a young man holding a roundel”. The painting is estimated at $ 80 million. Its sale would set a new record for Botticelli’s painting. Sotheby’s has been promoting the painting for a long time, we will see if in the difficult times we are going through, but with a strong market for quality painting, they get the challenge of selling it.


Rembrandt “Abraham and the angels”. A small painting, but very well documented and on which all Rembrandt experts have always agreed. It has an estimate of 20 to 30 million dollars.

Pietro Bernini and Gian Lorenzo Bernini “Autumn”. It is very difficult to find a work by the great Gian Lorenzo Bernini for sale, hence the uniqueness of this sculpture. It is a youth work by Gian Lorenzo made jointly with his father Pietro and starts with an estimate of 8 to 12 million dollars.

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