The Resurrection

Oil on panel
74 by 62 cm.
Huesca, last quarter of the 15th century


Spanish painter belonging to the Hispano-Flemish style in Aragon. Documented in Huesca, where he opened his workshop between 1469 and 1498, the date of his death. From 1498 onwards his son, Juan de la Abadía “the young”, collaborated with him in the workshop and even they together managed to contract the altarpieces of Lastanosa (1490) and San Pedro de Biescas (1493). It seems that he had a Catalan formation, in addition to his collaboration in some Barcelona altarpieces with Pedro García de Benabarre, with whom he shows contact points in his style. His style, unique in Aragon, clearly derived from Jaume Huguet and Bartolomé Bermejo, with a luxurious display of gold backgrounds, prints, nimbuses and ornaments with gilded reliefs. The best known stage of his activity corresponds to the last two decades of his life, from which a greater number of documented works have been preserved, including the Sorripas altarpieces.