Carved wood with polychrome in tempera

Cross: 112,4 x 69,7 cm  Christ: 57,5 x 56,3 cm

Vic-Ripoll, ca.1170 (third quarter of the 12th century)

Dated in the 12th century, it is a polychromed wood carving. It follows the iconography of the Romanesque Christs in majesty, dressed in a manicata tunic (long to the feet and sleeves to the wrists) polychrome based on geometric figures in blue, red, green and plant motifs of Byzantine influence.

What defines the figur of Christ is the solemnity, achieved with the rigidity of his posture and the expression of his face, serene and calm, presided over by his eyes completely open and of oriental inspiration. The representation of open eyes is interpreted as the triumph over death.