The Virgin with the Child, St Elizabeth and infant St John

Oil on panel
94,5 by 74,5 cm
Cuenca, 1555 – 1560
Literature: Ibáñez Martínez, PM: “Una tabla renacentista de Martín el Viejo y Gonzalo Gómez”, Galería Antiqvaria, n.º 159, 1988, pp. 104 y 105.
Ibáñez Martínez, PM, “Pinturas últimamente conocidas de los Gómez: un ciclo evolutivo completo”, Boletín del Museo e Instituto Camón Aznar, n.º 104, 2009, pp. 211-243, Fig. 6.


The sensitivity and care in the execution of the painting would make us suppose that we are dealing with a devotional work of art, made for a very small oratory which allows its immediate contemplation at eyesight. The triangular order of the figures shows the Italian influence, the “leonardesca” way, known by Martín Gómez thanks to Yáñez de la Almedina, but with the important refinement, mainly of the Virgin’s face, which indicates the knowledge of Raphael’s formulas as a result of spreading his work through the print. Precisely because of this contribution of the models by Leonardo and Raphael, the Gómez’ workshop is placed at a late cronology, towards the 1550 decade, with pieces of work such as the Virgin of the Visitation from the high altar of Villarejo del Espartal and the Virgin with the Child form the altarpiece of the chapel of San Martín inside the Cathedral of Cuenca.