Pascual Ortoneda

Saint Thomas

Tempera over panel

194 x 65 cm

Aragón, first half of the 15th century

This Gothic panel painted in tempera is attributed to Pascual Ortoneda, a painter born in Tarragona in the first third of the 15th century and later established in Aragon, where he worked, among others, for the Cathedral of Tarassona in Zaragoza. The researchers of this artist’s work point out that the existing documentation reveals that in 1423 he got married in Huesca, and that ten years later he was in Zaragoza, where he took charge of the pictorial part of the Pentecost altarpiece, contracted by the local authorities for the Town Hall.

This panel, 194 centimetres high and 65 centimetres wide, represents Saint Thomas the Apostle, and shows a brilliant colour that reveals the influence of the Flemish artist Jan Van Eyck.