Figure of an Apostle


Catalonia, around 1325-1330
166 x 63 cm
Museu Comarcal de l’Urgell

This figure of the apostle, which is difficult to identify, belonged to the portico from Santa María de Tárrega’s parish church which disappeared between the last decade of the 17th century and the first half of the 18th, when it was substituted by the present one, a piece of work by Fray Josep de la Concepció. The complete apostolate was represented on the original portico and the Virgin with the Child were shown on the door mullion. At present, apart from this figure and the other we possess, there are three other ones in Urgell’s Regional Museum (Tárrega), two in an American museum and fragments of other five in the same museum from Tárrega and in a private collection.

The complexity of Santa María de Tárrega’s portico makes us suppose the participation of different workshops at the same time or with a short interval, around 1325, when the church was set up as a deanery. From the three workshops, respectively, depicted by the two apostles with higher density and volume from the Tárrega’s Museum, by the figure of a third apostle, more “archaic” or descriptive (more French), from the same Museum and by the two present figures it can be said that the third workshop depends on Anglesola Master, above all the short curly-bearded apostle who reduces the soft modelling of the Master’s pieces of work into more linear values and shows the derivation of his workshop in the own Urgell’s county.